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What Dreaming Feels Like

I’m a grain of sand on a vast and crowded beach.  You walk around and you step on me.  You don’t feel me.  I’m nothing to you.  I go unnoticed for years.  When the tide takes me in and carries me away, you won’t see me.  You won’t hear me.  But one day, when I’m swept away into the vast ocean and I land on a pearl, you’ll want me.  You won’t know the amount of times I’ve been buried deep in the sand and forgotten.  You won’t know the currents I’ve endured at sea or the miles I’ve traveled.  But when I’m on my pearl you’ll want me, but you won’t have me.

Somewhere between dreams and reality

Creative souls are tortured.  We have dreams and we are bold; we are imaginative and insightful.  Yet the shackles of our social prison bear heavily on us.  We are forced to sacrifice any sense of stability for our vision.  We travel down unpaved roads.  Continue reading


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A Moment of Wisdom and Inspiration

My wandering friend, a traveling writer and photographer who shall remain unnamed, recently sent me an email from the Himalayas.  I was very moved by his words, and I hope his wisdom can inspire us to pursue the dreams within.

“Congratulations!  I am happy for you that you had the courage to reject the safe and secure, but ultimately unsatisfying path that was laid out for you by your circumstances and pursue the life of your choice.  Of course none of us knows how our lives will play out. And it is not until we look back many years hence that we will know whether the choices we made today were the right ones. But as long as you act in good conscience and with deliberation to make every effort to live the life of your choice, then I think you have no cause for fear.  Of course if you pursue your dreams, failure is a possibility. But on the other hand, if you don’t pursue them then failure is an absolute certainty.  So it seems to me that the odds are in your favor.”

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