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Backpacking on a Budget: the Best Cheap Backpacking Gear

Finding the right backpacking gear is a daunting task.  Not only is it time consuming, but it can get very expensive, very quickly.  Do not lose hope, I bring good news.  Over the last year, I have built up my arsenal of backpacking gear from virtually nothing to being fully equipped.  And by no means am I rich, but quite the contrary.  I have spent days frugally sorting through equipment in stores and online, diligently reading through countless reviews, and buying the best gear, all with a low budget.  I did not break the bank and my equipment has held up as well.  I am finally ready to report back!

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In this article, I outline the best gear your Washingtons can buy you, including:


The most important piece of the puzzle.  Since you’ll be hauling anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds for multiple days, you need a pack that is large, durable but also comfortable.  You need a pack that rests on your hips with strong zippers and lots of compartments.  Your pack should never give you blisters or give you significant back pain.  My pick:  The Osprey Atmos 50.

The Osprey Atmos 50 in Green Apple

This pack is perfect.  I have used it on numerous adventures, including a month long trip to Peru.  It has completely shattered my expectations.  To date, there are no signs of wear and tear – no broken zippers; no ripped fabric.  It is compact, lightweight, but large enough for multi-day trips.  There are multiple compartments and weight is Continue reading


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Backpacking for Personal Growth and Experience: Outdoor Leadership Training With the AMC

Rolling out of my warm sleeping bag nook after another short night of sleep, I woke up to the reality of putting on a pair of cold and wet hiking boots for the third consecutive morning.  I would spend the rest of my day in these boots, trudging through steep terrain, mud, and possibly snow in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The three pairs of socks I packed were soaked as well, emitting a nauseating fume by today, day five of our trip.

“When the mountain ahead looms over us with a dark shadow of self doubt, we look deeply within ourselves and dig out long embedded personal characteristics.”

I reached into my bag and tried to focus on the necessity of the cold, slimy, and stinky cloth that was sliding over my foot.  I knew I had no chance of finishing the last few miles of our journey without socks to protect my developing blisters.  My socks on my feet, I prepared for the equally cold, wet, and uninviting boots, which would stay that way until I got home.  The temporary sting of cold and the general absence of comfort however were mightily overshadowed by the most important lesson of wilderness adventure: Accepting a mentality of dealing with your circumstances.

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