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Backpacking the Presidential Traverse: A Video From Weekend Warrior Productions

On July 9th, I was one of four journeymen from the lowlands of Boston that packed together their most prized possessions and set off for the mountains of New Hampshire.  Facing the grim reality that this could be the last time we see our loved ones, we tried to focus on the journey ahead:  conquering the Beast of the East, Mt. Washington.  Over the next two days, hauling 40 pounds each as we ascended the Presidential Traverse, we men suffered through wind gusts of over 50 mph, bloody blisters, and broken backs.  But our pack refused to give up as we battled through the 25 miles of treacherous, rocky terrain.  On the morning of summit, the sun came out, and Mt. Washington revealed itself in all its glory.  2000 feet below, in its shadows, we heard the battle cry.  The epic moment was now on.  This is our story.

Big ups to CatEyez for editing this video.

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Backpacking on a Budget: the Best Cheap Backpacking Gear

Finding the right backpacking gear is a daunting task.  Not only is it time consuming, but it can get very expensive, very quickly.  Do not lose hope, I bring good news.  Over the last year, I have built up my arsenal of backpacking gear from virtually nothing to being fully equipped.  And by no means am I rich, but quite the contrary.  I have spent days frugally sorting through equipment in stores and online, diligently reading through countless reviews, and buying the best gear, all with a low budget.  I did not break the bank and my equipment has held up as well.  I am finally ready to report back!

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In this article, I outline the best gear your Washingtons can buy you, including:


The most important piece of the puzzle.  Since you’ll be hauling anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds for multiple days, you need a pack that is large, durable but also comfortable.  You need a pack that rests on your hips with strong zippers and lots of compartments.  Your pack should never give you blisters or give you significant back pain.  My pick:  The Osprey Atmos 50.

The Osprey Atmos 50 in Green Apple

This pack is perfect.  I have used it on numerous adventures, including a month long trip to Peru.  It has completely shattered my expectations.  To date, there are no signs of wear and tear – no broken zippers; no ripped fabric.  It is compact, lightweight, but large enough for multi-day trips.  There are multiple compartments and weight is Continue reading


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