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Crude: The Story of Chevron’s $27 Billion Exploitation of the Amazon

“We saw an oil spill where we used to live, in a stream that crosses the Aguarico River.  It was about three centimeters deep.  Water is the life blood of the Cofán people, because we always use water from the river.  This has affected me terribly, because I lost two of my children.  My first son stopped developing six months after being born.  My second son, one day we were walking to the beach…and the river had oil in it and my child bathed and drank the water…we came back home in the afternoon and he started vomiting blood.  He didn’t last 24 hours.  One day he got sick at 10 am and the next day at 2 in the afternoon he was dead.  They came and spilled oil, contaminated the river, and my children died.”

-Emergildo Criollo, an Amazonian Native of the Cofán Tribe.  Crude (2009)


An Oil Waste Pit in Ecuador. Photo by Time Magazine.

It is called the Chernobyl of the Amazon.

It is the largest environmental disaster in world history, propelled by corporate irresponsibility and greed.  Cleanup is estimated at $27 billion dollars.  Amazonian Continue reading


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