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More Fires and Stronger Rains: How Climate Change is Fueling the Need to End Our Fossil Fuel Addiction

It was a nice sunny Spring evening in Boston, around the middle of May, and I was finishing my spaghetti dinner while enjoying a cold beer.  It had been a long day; the kind of day where you look forward to coming home, cracking open a cold one, enjoying a refreshing first sip, and watching the condensation build around the bottle as the rest of the evening passes in lazy harmony.  We’ve all been there.  I was plopped on my couch and I decided to watch some TV.  It was around 7PM and as I channel surfed I decided to settle on the Wolf Blitzer report on CNN.  Just another day and another guy, getting my news from your trusty mass media conglomerate.

I turned on the news and what did I see?  Headlining was the Gulf oil spill, and a live video feed of billions of gallons of oil gushing out of a leaking oil well built in waters over 1000 ft deep; painting the beautiful waters and coasts of the Gulf in black, ravaging communities and wildlife, and threatening to move into the Atlantic.

The Gulf Oil Spill

It was followed by a report on the vicious, historic 100 year flood that destroyed Nashville, TN and displaced thousands of people. Continue reading

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A Personal Letter from Senator Scott Brown: On Climate Change and Energy Policy

I recently wrote a note to Sen. Scott Brown, the newly elected U.S. Senator (R) from Massachusetts, in support of the climate bill and new energy policy.  As a resident of Massachusetts, I believe in the importance of having my voice heard but I never expected or desired any kind of reply.  I was pleasantly surprised however when I received the following letter in response to my note.   In the letter, Senator Brown outlines his personal views regarding climate change and energy policy.

U.S. Senator Scott P. Brown (R-MA)

It was nice to hear the freshly elected Senator’s stance on energy policy before he becomes a seasoned Washington veteran.  Only time will tell whether Senator Brown decides to support a clean energy future via the American Power Act.   UPDATE: On June 10th, 2010, Senator Brown decided to ignore local and national pressure and voted in favor of the Markowski Resolution, a bill that proposed blocking EPA oversight of carbon pollution.   The resolution did not pass, but it begs the question: is a clean energy future really in Senator Brown’s interests?

Dear Mr. Kharitonenkov,

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about climate change.  As always, I value the input of my constituents on all issues and appreciate hearing from you.

Reducing America’s greenhouse gas emissions — and especially the pollutants that pose the greatest harm to both people and our environment — is clearly of concern to Continue reading


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