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On Assignment: Off to Backpack Gaspesie in Canada

Taking off in a few minutes to depart on an epic adventure in the North country.  The Gaspe Peninsula to be exact, in the far reaches of Quebec.  First time in Canada for me.  My friend and I are backpacking for three days at Parc National de Gaspesie, a park with diverse ecosystems, wildlife galore (including the only caribou herd south of the St. Lawrence River and over 150 species of birds!), and the towering peaks of the International Appalachian Trail.  We’re on assignment for Backpacker Magazine; our experience will be captured in our writing and photos.   We’ll also be shooting a video – a pilot episode of an adventure series – stay tuned!  Gotta run!  And thank you Backpacker and Columbia Sportswearfor all your support!

Parc National de Gaspesie

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Let’s Get Political: My thoughts on America and the upcoming election.

I was recently asked to share my views on the current state of affairs in America.  I don’t talk about politics much on my blog, but being so close to the 2010 midterm election, I decided to make an exception.  First off, a disclaimer:  This IS an opinionated and slightly sarcastic article.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Do not read further if you do not believe in free speech.  Having stated that, let’s get right to it.

My thoughts on politics these days are, well, disillusioned.  Aren’t they always?  Let’s start with the pros.  I firmly believe that Continue reading

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