Who is IGOR?

Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail

Welcome to IGORoamandreport!

IGORoamandreport is my foundation.  It is a venue for my expression.  It is my history and my vision – personally and professionally.  It is a story that keeps evolving.  It is a creative space for my ideas.  It’s an open journal.  It is my portfolio.  In short, the blog is me.

A Story That Keeps Evolving

It all started in March 2010.  Disgruntled and disillusioned with my path in life, I make the agonizing decision to leave my Phd program.  My thirst to explore the world is too strong while my dissatisfaction with my career is too deep.  I plunge headfirst into the unknown waters of tomorrow in search of the American Dream.  I go roam and report back through my blog – IGORoamandreport.  Along the way, I recount personal stories of adventure, like the time I found myself in the frigid Andes Mountains of Peru, forced to march 40 miles of  strike-blockaded roads in a hypothermic state.  I’ve traveled to over a dozen countries and I’ve gone on numerous wilderness adventures.

A Personal Vision

IGORoamandreport is a venue for information.  I talk about sustainable lifestyles and promote green living.  I wrote to a Senator to advocate for clean energy.   I’ve written guides for budget backpacking and New England skiing.  Other times I sit back and pen my thoughts.  I report on my life and the progress of my dreams.  I might come up with a short story.  But I don’t only write; I produce videos too.  I was hired to make a documentary film, “Stories from Boston’s historic Emerald Necklace.”  As I transition away from one life and into another, my blog is my guiding light.  In my own journey, IGORoamandreport is my motivation.  It is a desire to educate and inform.  To provide inspiration.  To express myself.

IGORoamandreport.  Writing.  Video Production.  The Outdoors.  Environmentalism.  Phd Dropout.  Adventure.  Social Reform.  Vision.  Social Media.  Progress.  Journalism.  Dream Seeker.

Jumping Into the Unknown. Croatia 2008

Please leave a comment or e-mail me at IGORoamandreport@gmail.com

7 responses to “Who is IGOR?

  1. Irina

    hi Igor,

    I really like the idea behind your blog! Nice job.

  2. rob

    Hi Igor,

    You are an inspiration mate! Life is not all in the books…its all around us isn’t it?! Phd will wait if you want it…life won’t 🙂

    Have a great adventure!

    all the best,

    btw: i’m 60 and have barely scratched the surface…so much more to see, do and experience…life is so short.

  3. Just left my PhD programme In Philosophy, and your blog helped me verify my mixed feelings about the choice in a better light. Thank you sincerely, Meegan Montgomery

  4. Igor, still at a point into the unknown as you say. Hopefully spirits will be high enough that this blog of yours is remembered and then truly this best decision ever made can be verified – good luck as well.

  5. Anoni

    Hi Igor.
    started my PhD 5 months ago and at that time I did’nt knew PhD works.(A huge mistake on my part). I thought it would be similar to what we did in Bs studies.
    I am here to ask for help becuase recently my depression and anxiety levels are out of my control and I am really worrying it might serioudly damage my health. I am in a painful situation and don’t know what to do.
    Kindly give me your email ID so that I can explain my situation.

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