Out With the Old, In With the New: Making Positive Personal Changes

Life is a circle that leads us through light and darkness; happiness and sadness.  But at any given moment, some are happier than others.  Why is that so?  Does the circle spin at random?  Or are we ultimately in control of it?


“It’s Gonna Be Okay” by Igor Kharitonenkov


There are times in life when we are presented with forks in the road that will drastically alter the course of our journey.  Maybe we feel the need to change our career path; maybe we’ve been diagnosed with illness and need to change our diet and exercise; maybe our marriage is falling apart; maybe we became dependent on substances and need to clean up; ultimately, we discover faulty personal characteristics and need to change the way we look at ourselves and the world.

As fate will have it, sometimes these forks appear suddenly and out of nowhere, surprising us.  At other times they have been with us all along but we chose to actively ignore them, content with the way we were, until now.  Either way, the crossroads eventually dawn upon us and we are left with only two options: we can shy away and continue down that old, worn path or we can answer the call for change and form a new and better path.

These are serious changes I speak of; situations that present themselves only a handful of times in a person’s life.  They prompt us to rethink and reevaluate our past and actively work for a better future.  Certainly it’s a frightening proposition.  We are asking ourselves to give up old habits and comfortable patterns in favor of what seems like an uncertain future.  But we should not be frightened or discouraged.  The future is not as uncertain as we think.  We are presented with a chance to become better individuals and live a more fulfilling life; as long as we accept this fact and proceed with enthusiasm and confidence we will get to our destination.

Thus, we need to internalize that whatever change we are making will lead to a positive end-product.  This process takes time and patience.  We need to look within and ask ourselves deep, personal questions; we need to read and learn about our past; we need to communicate with friends and family; we need to figure out why our past has failed us.  Once we find these answers, we are ready to formulate a plan of corrective action for the future.  It’s important that we stick with this plan while continuing to learn from our past.  If we understand our prior mistakes and put in time and thought to correct these mistakes every day, we will become the change that we are working toward.  We will develop new habits and become comfortable with new patterns.  The key is to believe in the positive outcome and proceed with confidence and open mindedness.

Author’s Note: Up until recently, I was a confused young adult.  Well, I still am a confused young adult, but I used to view the world with great cynicism; I viewed myself with cynicism.  I never thought too much about it.  I figured it was just who I am and went on with my life.  Come January of this year and everything changed. To my own surprise, my fork in the road presented itself.  Like a tidal wave, everything came at me at once and took me out cold; it was painful but it woke me up.  It was like one of those moments when you see your life flash before your eyes and you get a totally different perspective of yourself and your past.  That was my call for change, and everything I wrote in this article (and song) is exactly what I did and still am doing.  I don’t want to jinx anything and I’m not interested in boasting, but in case you are wondering, yes, it’s been six weeks now and there really is something different about me.  The new path is starting to take shape.


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