Olympic Dreams – My Video Entry for Backpacker Magazine’s Field Scout Contest

“Backpacker Magazine is hosting a video contest to send someone on a paid week-long trek to any destination in the lower 48 states?”

Sign me up!  I first heard about this contest back in November from my friend and hiking buddy Greg Soster, a self-made mountain-man who has climbed over forty 4,000 foot peaks in the White Mountains (NH) in the past year alone.  It took Greg and I all of two seconds to decide that we should enter; both our resumes are overflowing with epic outdoor experiences that span the forests, rivers, deserts and mountains of three continents.  Greg and I both enjoy savoring the memories of our trips with stunning photography.  I also seek the intense meditative qualities of outdoor adventures that seem to clear my head and provide personal inspiration for stories, reflections, and videos (which can be found right here on IGORoamandreport).  To put it simply, Greg and I are the dream team for Backpacker Magazine’s Field Scout Contest.

It was a cold and rainy December night when I packed up my camera equipment and hopped on a bus to see Greg in Littleton, New Hampshire, a quiet town on the outskirts of White Mountain National Forest.  After a hard night of sleep, we didn’t waste much time getting to work the next day.  We poured over books and magazines, researching a list of potential destinations.  Once we chose our destination, we came up with a few potential hiking routes, using maps and Greg’s GPS.  Then we brainstormed creative direction with the film.  The ideas kept flowing over pints at a local brewery and we came up with a loose script for our video.  We filmed scenes at Greg’s house the following day and finished in the snow covered peaks of the Whites.  Since then I’ve been editing like a madman.

[Rewind: Conquering Hypothermia and 40 Miles of Strike Blockades in Peru]

It’s been two months since we initially decided to enter the contest and I’m happy to announce that the video is finally out.  I hope you enjoy it.  Watch it on YouTube, please comment on it, ‘Like’ it, etc.  Do what you can to help us out and spread the word!  And send us to Olympic National Park this summer!



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14 responses to “Olympic Dreams – My Video Entry for Backpacker Magazine’s Field Scout Contest

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  2. Beth Soster

    I really enjoyed watching your video. After going to Montana State University we lost him to the mountains. Good Luck in this contest.

  3. you’re awesome, Igor!

  4. Barb Shadler

    Live your dream, Greg. Never stop, but do not forget Sara along the way. This sounds really fun.

  5. Jeremy

    Nice work Gents! Hope you do well in the contest!

  6. Jacob Foster

    Good Luck Buddy!! awesome video

  7. Amanda

    Loved the video Igor! I hope you guys win the contest! You both have done an impressive amount of hiking and research, so you definitely deserve to! Best of luck!

  8. Matt

    Great video!! Hope you guys win

  9. Vic Cortis

    Olympic National Park is awesome! Hope you get it… there really is NOTHING else like it.

  10. Elizabeth

    Good luck boys! This adventure has your name written all over it!

  11. jake

    Good luck guys!

  12. Michelle

    Great video! Now I also have an Olympic dream.

  13. Heather Duge

    Good luck Igor! I love it and I hope you win! Keep us informed with all of your travels!

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