Let’s Get Political: My thoughts on America and the upcoming election.

I was recently asked to share my views on the current state of affairs in America.  I don’t talk about politics much on my blog, but being so close to the 2010 midterm election, I decided to make an exception.  First off, a disclaimer:  This IS an opinionated and slightly sarcastic article.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Do not read further if you do not believe in free speech.  Having stated that, let’s get right to it.

My thoughts on politics these days are, well, disillusioned.  Aren’t they always?  Let’s start with the pros.  I firmly believe that what Obama is doing for the country is in our best interest.  That he is a man of tremendous honesty and goodwill.  He speaks without stuttering, he drops stats like Magic drops dimes when he talks about policy.  I have read his book – Audacity for Hope – and his policies and ambitions mostly reflect what he wrote about before he ran.  Isn’t that why voted for him?  Thought so.  In other words, he has no special interest groups behind him.  What makes him special is that the American people are his interest, which was not the case 4 years ago, in my opinion.

At the same time, I see a tremendous backlash against this man.  Terrible, disgusting portrayals of Obama as un-American, a muslim, a socialist, a terrorist.  I see hate of proportions I have never seen from those on the right.  I see the Republican Party, whose pockets are lined deep with corporate money, wooing and convincing those in our heartland, those in our Bible belt, that their policies would actually benefit the average American by using fear tactics, notoriously funded smear campaigns (funding by whom?  Oh wait, we can’t know that because of a recent Supreme Court ruling) and by appealing to conservative christian values.  Separation of church and state anyone?

On we go.  Sarah Palin, when asked about how SHE would fix the economy, blabbered something about “oh the free market, we have to stick to our free market principles!”  Anything else, Mrs. Palin?  Maybe a little more specific?  Nope, that’s it.  wtf?  This coming from a woman who barely made it out of college, who resigned from her last job as governor to, ahem, film a reality TV show, among other ventures.  It’s disgusting and it’s sad that a majority of our people are listening to this illogical jargon.  We have so many candidates out there running on absolutely no platform (see Rand Paul, Kentucky; Christine O’Donnel, Delaware), who started as “Tea Partiers” and, since winning a few primaries, have now been solidly bought out by Karl Rove and the “Party of No”, and are now right in line with the GOP, which is looking to sweep this election.  Oh and if you think Obama is extremist, try Rand Paul – and his stance on reversing the Civil Rights Act.

It seems that poor average Americans rallying behind the Tea Party, who have suffered more than the rest in this economic turmoil, actually believe that Obama is the reason they lost their jobs, when in reality, most jobs were lost before Obama passed the stimulus.  Once passed, the economy was stabilized from going into a full depression.  It also seems that a majority of average Americans believe the GOP will solve their economic woes.  How, please tell me?  By going back in time and making derivative trading less transparent again?  By blocking efforts to develop clean energy technology?  Clean energy would create many more jobs than oil and coal harvesting, it would fuel innovation in engineering and technology, it would boost a sustainable and environmentally responsible future, it would increase our national security because we aren’t spending billions on oil overseas, and it would spur progress so America is not left behind by the rest of the world in 20 years?  Yes, I believe Karl Rove and the GOP have succeeded in brainwashing a majority of our citizens into believing that puppets like Palin actually have our country’s best interests at heart, and that’s what saddens me the most about the current state of affairs.

I’m glad we still have Obama at the top for two more years.  Quit hating, this man will stick by his principles and will build a better future for our country, because he cares, and he has no links to Karl Rove.  At least respect the office and stop with the not born in America BS.  And read up on some real issues while you’re at it.  Go out and vote on Novermber 3rd.


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