Disturbing the Harmony of the Natural Being

River, mountains, cliffs, and caves.  I find myself surrounded by these elements of the earth; the most primordial elements.  We are 70% water.  Vast oceans, great seas, and mighty rivers coat the lands we choose to abuse.  Be your own judge, but we are trapped in a machine that we cannot escape – civilization.  That machine exists in its own right and own world inside its hard, discriminating shell; a shell that keeps us from escaping.  The concept of ‘love it or leave it’ does not apply.  It’s more of an inability to break from conformity.

Ah, the sun finally comes out from behind a cliff and for the first time this morning I feel warmth.  It soothes me, but could it rain today?  It is cloudy for the first time this trip.  Wouldn’t that be something, canoeing in the rain?

The machine of civilization is just as selfish as the humans within it.  It operates on a process that’s similar to the physiology of digestion: delicious, nutritious foods are consumed only to leave behind a stinky, toxic mess.  The machine takes nature’s goods and in exchange blows smoke right back in its face.  How rude, how disrespectful!  Nature has a plan though.  She is a patient nurturer, and she operates strictly on cause and effect.  Nature is slow.  It carves and cares for the world on a time scale of millions, while we can be hopeful to reach one hundred.  She knows that if we’re not nice to her now, she has plenty of time to kick our ass later.

I love the sound of the rapids, sitting here, taking it all in.  We are about to embark on a 16 mile rafting course.  The day will be long, frustrating, tiring, and rewarding – the hallmarks of a good adventure.  I sit here and ponder, think and reflect, curse and enjoy, perpetually being drawn into the wonder and harmony of the natural being.

March 2009

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